New Flysurfer Viron 2 DLX

The Viron trainer kite offers an incredibly safe and easy introduction to powerkiting. It has a full depower system just like the kites used for kitesurfing and snowkiting but performance characteristics which make it ideal for learning. The auto-relaunch system makes it ideal for learning your first water starts or getting going snowkiting. When you read more »

2015 Brunotti Longboards!

Landing any day now – the new 2015 Brunotti longboard range. This is now the third range of longboards from Brunotti and they keep getting better and better. Bob the drop through is now available in 4 colours due to its popularity! Ben is back with a fresh colour scheme and has a smaller friend read more »

Ozone Zephyr 2015 now available!

The Zephyr is known worldwide for its reputation as a light wind inflatable freeride kite. It has been a very popular kite in the UK over the last few seasons with the light summer winds we have been getting. The kite has been updated for 2015 with the latest material upgrades we have seen across read more »

Flysurfer launch PEAK 2

The original PEAK was the first single skin depower kite to be put into production. It caught the imagination of ski tourers due to its light winds performance and small pack size. Now the PEAK 2 has stepped things up with improved performance (it jumps!), faster turning, a new bar design and two new sizes read more »

Brunotti Boards 2015

The 2015 Brunotti Boards range has landed in the UK. You may have seen the new Youri Pro on test in IKSURFMAG or in photos of Youri himself who has been riding it in the last competitions where he has seen an amazing return to form and is back on the podium. Annelous Lammerts has read more »

Ozone announce 2015 C4

The C4 is always an important release for Ozone – this is the freestyle and wakestyle kite in the range used by a lot of our freestyle team riders in competitions around the world. It is one of those kites where performance is important and minor changes make a significant difference. The C4 this year read more »

FLYSURFER Add 8m and 10m Speed 4 Lotus

The Lotus range has been a huge success and after a lot of enquiries and demand from dealers Flysurfer have developed 8m and 10m sizes to go with the larger ones. These new sizes are not simply scaled down versions but completely new kites. Features include: Higher aspect ratio design of AR5.8 instead of AR4.8, read more »

Ozone Release 2015 Catalyst

The Catalyst has been our best selling kite again this year and for good reason too! It is an amazing all round performer. Waves or freestyle, unhooked or hooked in, the Catalyst does it all. Another round of refinements and tweaks (new tip shape) on top of upgraded materials (Teijin Technoforce D2 and Teijin Dacron) read more »

2015 Ozone Snowkites now available!

Ozone have been pushing snowkiting for over a decade now since the launch of the original Frenzy in 2003. To this day they still have the strongest snowkite line up on the market and 2015 is no different. Safety is paramount in the mountains and the new Re-Ride safety is the best yet. Technology advances read more »

Flysurfer Release FlyDoor 5 – Light Wind Kiteboard

The FlyDoor has developed a reputation over many years now as the ultimate light wind kiteboard. It might not have the sexiness that a freestyle board has but it has developed a very loyal following. For those living in lightwind locations it is an essential board in the quiver. The same goes for weekend warriors read more »

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