SIMS Snowboards back in the UK for 40th Anniversary

We are very happy to be bringing SIMS Snowboards back to the UK for their 40th Anniversary. This iconic brand was named after Tom Sims who was widely credited as the founder of modern snowboarding. Now manufactured in the USA in the Never Summer factory – they are back to where they started – offering high quality, high performance snowboards.

The 16/17 SIMS Snowboard range will be available exclusively from Absolute Snow and The Snowboard Asylum.

About SIMS

It was love at first ride for a young Tom Sims in 1963. His core vision of snowboards, skateboards, and the boarding lifestyle, started as pure functionality, aimed at making design, innovation, and style a part of the riding experience. Passion and performance were the foundation of his iconic riding style. It was his dream to design and ride the best equipment in the world, and to share his passion with all willing to partake in what was once donned a rebel sport. Tom wanted every rider to feel that the SIMS equipment they are on will make a core statement.

As we slide into our 40th year, Tom’s legacy is being honored and carried forward as we have brought SIMS full-circle from where it started: quality, handcrafted boards, Made in the USA. Original graphics, iconic to the legendary SIMS style and culture, and to the core belief in pure riding performance. Available only at some of the finest specialty shops around the world.

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