The MBS All-Terrain Longboard opens up a new world for longboarders,


Something different from MBS – these 100mm all-terrain longboard wheels are cast with 78A super-high-rebound urethane. They are designed for closing the gap between mountainboarding and longboarding. Ideal for longboarding down rough terrain. Available in Black and Green. Sold as a set of 4. Take a 22mm bearing.


Designed for the MBS Pro 90, the ATS Pro truck takes the tried and tested All Terrain Skate truck design and uses Titanium axles to reduce weight. These are the trucks for those looking for the lightest option. Axles are 9.5mm. Sold as a single item.


The classic MBS All Terrain Skate Truck


MBS Bearings


MBS replacement bearings.


MBS Helmet available in white


MBS Bushings


Replacement bushings for MBS ATS, ATS.12, Vector trucks


MBS' Colt 90 is an awesome entry-level mountainboard that is designed to get people into the downhill or kite landboarding.


Replacement MBS Colt 90 deck


The MBS Colt 90X is an entry level recreational mountainboard that comes fully assembled and fitted with a brake system.


MBS Comp 95 – Birds


The Comp 95 is MBS' most versatile board, suitable for riders of all levels, from beginners looking for a board they won't outgrow to seasoned riders pushing the boundaries of the sport on a daily basis.


Replacement MBS Comp 95 Birds deck