Maxtrack have been working in the kite business for a number of years now and currently distribute some of the top brands in the industry. We focus on premium brands which are all about innovation backed by customer service.

Flysurfer kiteboarding have been pioneering the way in closed cell depower kites since the early days of kiteboarding.

Ozone Kites took a gamble early on setting up their own production facility – but it has paid off! They have built a reputation for product quality and ease of use without sacrificing performance.


2016 AXIS 50mm Fins


Replacement 50MM G10 fins

Out of stock


2016 AXIS Billy


Wakestyle kiteboard


Allround freeride kiteboard


Replacement grab handle


2016 AXIS Kapua


All-round Strapless Surfboard


Recreational Freeride kiteboard


High End Freestyle kiteboard


Free Race Board with deep tuttle box


Full Race Board with deep tuttle box


2016 AXIS New Wave


All-round surf


Light wind kiteboard

Out of stock


2016 AXIS Rakau


All-round kite surfboard